The day begins with a 30 minute boat ride over to Taveuni 


The 180 degree Meridian line.  The date line runs right through Taveuni meaning that each new day starts exactly here. 


The Wairiki Mission Church is also a must-see in Taveuni. Fijians are known for their beautiful singing (Sunday services).


1 hour drive to the Bouma Waterfalls. The scenic drive will take you along the coastline of Taveuni and through Bouma village.  At the heritage park you will see the entrance to the trail which will guide you through the rainforest full of rare tropical birds and island foliage.  The walk to the first waterfall is 10 minutes and generally flat.  The second and third waterfalls are a medium-steep incline but are well worth it for the views if you have time (at a good pace the 2nd falls is 40 minutes and the 3rd falls is another 1.5 hours).


Waitavala Natural waterslide. This rockslide is a natural wonder of Taveuni. It is best visited at times of the year when there is high rainfall and also on the weekend and school holidays when the Fijian kids are there to show you how it’s done. Cost includes boat and car transport, guide, park entrance fees. 

Signature Experience (USD175 per person incl taxes)