A guided snorkel tour on the Rainbow reef, the soft coral capital of the world is a must-do at The Remote Resort, Fiji Islands.  Home to over 25+ sites featuring abundant colorful fish and marine life in warm, tropical waters, the Rainbow Reef is consistently rated as one of the top dive and snorkel spots in the world.  Located in the Somosomo Strait, between Taveuni and Vanua Levu, the Rainbow Reef is one of Fiji's best known dive and snorkel locations.

The Rainbow Reef Snorkel tour usually departs the resort in the morning and in just 15 minutes you'll be snorkeling Nuku reef, a very large snorkel site with a pure white sand base dotted with large coral bommies teaming with hard and soft corals as well as both small and large fish of seemingly every color.  What makes the Somosomo Strait and Rainbow Reef so great is the current the runs through this body of water providing an abundance of nutrients to the coral and marine life.  

Usually the currents are gentle to moderate, guiding you on an easy snorkel as you witness the excellent soft coral blooms with large bushes of pink, orange and brown.  Your snorkel guide will be in the water with you and the boat captain will place the boat at your finishing spot so there's no need to swim back, just drift with the currents and enjoy a spectacular window of Fiji's finest underwater show. Includes two snorkel spots per tour.  

Signature experience (USD95 per person incl tax)