Snorkel with the Manta Rays just between Kioa and Rabi islands, a breathtaking experience.  This experience is seasonal (generally from May to October).   The Manta Ray snorkel tour takes off from the resort in a high-speed boat, traveling about 35 minutes north towards the top of Kioa Islands.  Between the islands of Kioa and Rabi, the current is strong allowing the manta rays to feed on plenty of plankton.  The boat captain and snorkel guide will work together to determine the best spot to drop into the water to view the manta rays as they pass by feeding on plankton.  We'll pack towels and bottled water for you, just grab your snorkel gear and meet us at the jetty.

Signature experience (USD140 per person incl tax)

Video of Manta Rays by guest James Herkes, June 2017