Dive the Rainbow Reef, Fiji

The Rainbow Reef, Fiji Islands, discovered by Jacques Cousteau and now known as the soft coral capital of the world, starts from just ten minutes from The Remote Resort, Fiji Islands. Slip into turquoise waters and explore the Great White Wall, Cabbage Patch, Fish Factory, and around twenty other dive sites with professional, PADI-qualified instructors and dive masters.


Fiji Diving at its best

The Remote Resort offers diving on the Rainbow Reef with our partners at Taveuni Ocean Sports and Dive Academy Fiji for divers of all levels of experience and expertise. There are a variety of deep wall drop offs and shallow drift dives in the area, meaning there is something here for everyone.  Our rates include the transfer on one of the resort boats to meet the dive boat directly on the reef.  


The Rainbow Reef, Fiji is a snorkelers and divers paradise

Why is the Rainbow Reef called the Soft Coral Capital of the World?

The Rainbow Reef lies in the Somosomo Strait (the passage that runs between Vanua Levu (Fiji's second largest island) and Taveuni Island (Fiji's third largest island).  In Fijian Somosomo Strait means "good water" and it is called this because the strait has strong tidal currents, providing a good supply of nutrients, just the right ingredients for healthy and diverse soft coral and abundant fish. There are over twenty-five sites in and around Fiji's Rainbow Reef, starting from just a ten minute boat ride from the Resort.  

Sensory overload may be the best description for diving on the Rainbow Reef. The diving is phenomenal, mostly because of our currents. About 98% of our diving is drift diving and we have advanced and challenging conditions. Expect lots and lots of current while you are here. The Somo Somo Straits acts as a giant funnel which delivers huge amounts of plankton and upwelling to the reef, jumpstarting the entire food chain. Each site is very tide-specific since the tide is what determines current direction and strength. We choose dive sites each day based upon exactly what the current and tide cycle is doing and the skill level of our divers on board. Especially for multiple days of diving, you will see a nice array of sites as well as a great combination of soft and hard corals and big and small animals
— Julie Kelly, Owner, Taveuni Ocean Sports


Great White Wall Diving

One of the most famous Fiji dive sites is the Great White Wall, consistently rated as one of the best dive sites in the world.  As the name suggests, the treasure is a blanketed wall of luminescent white corals, both hard and soft. The Great White Wall is considered at its absolute best on only certain dates of the month so please check availability of dates for this dive in advance.  This dive starts at a depth of 20 meters so is not suitable for uncertified divers. Turtles, reef sharks, manta rays and barracuda can often be seen on this dive.

Fiji's Great White Wall - Rainbow Reef Diving


CERTIFIED DIVING RATES (each dive day includes 2 tank dives) 

1 Day          USD$199 per person + optional gear rental USD$19 per person per day

2 Days        USD$386 per person + optional gear rental USD$19 per person per day

3 Days        USD$560 per person + optional gear rental USD$19 per person per day

4 Days        USD$721 per person + optional gear rental USD$19 per person per day

5 Days        USD$870 per person + optional gear rental USD$19 per person per day

6 Days        USD$1,007 per person + optional gear rental USD$19 per person per day

Optional gear rental is USD$19 per person, per day and includes BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Dive Computer, Mask/Fins


We recommend booking your diving in advance to ensure space is reserved for you on the dive boats (space does get limited in the peak diving season of June to October).  We also welcome last-minute requests for diving up to 4pm the day prior (and this will be subject to availability on the dive boats at that stage).  

Diving is generally available every day of the year and is very rarely cancelled due to weather however our dive groups obviously monitor the weather very closely and it is up to their discretion to cancel diving if the conditions are very poor or not safe.  

Our regular schedule for certified divers is to depart the resort jetty at 8am to meet the dive boat directly on the reef.  If you are renting gear this will already be loaded onto the dive boat for you.  Following your 2-tank dive our boat will return to pick you up and return to the resort in time for lunch (approximately 12.30 - 1pm).  No need to take anything on the boat with you except your dive card (on your first day) or scan it to us in advance so you don't need to worry.  The boat will have towels, bottled water and snacks already loaded for you.

To make a dive booking simply email us with the following information:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Shoe Size
  • Dive qualification level
  • Total number of dives you've completed
  • Approximately the last time you went diving (recency)
  • Your preferred dive day(s)

 Following this we will check on availability for you and make your bookings accordingly.  Diving has a 24-hour cancellation policy (8am the day prior).  


We offer two options for diving the spectacular Rainbow Reef during your stay (with or without becoming a certified diver).  The first is called a Discover Scuba (no certification) and the second is called an Open Water Dive Course (certification).  

DISCOVER SCUBA (4-5 hours)

A Discover Scuba is an introduction to Scuba Diving and includes one dive.  A Discover Scuba takes about 4-5 hours and after finishing this, if you wanted to do further diving, you can do this with the same dive group (up to a maximum depth of 12 metres) without getting certified.  If you then went somewhere else to go diving another trip, you would need to complete another Discover Scuba for that dive group to be comfortable in your skills, etc before diving again and you will always be limited to the depth of 12 metres without a certification.  That said, many dive sites on the Rainbow Reef are fully enjoyed without going deeper than 12 metres so you would not need to worry that you would be missing out on seeing the beauty of the reef.

The cost of a Discover Scuba course is USD$185 including tax and gear rental

The cost of additional dive days as a non-certified diver (2 tank dive) is USD$270 including tax and gear rental. Dives are limited to depth of 12 metres.

Diving has a 24-hour cancellation policy (8am the day prior).  


If you think you’d like to learn how to dive and continue diving in the future we recommend considering becoming a certified PADI Open Water Diver.  This involves three steps - Theory, Confined Water Sessions and Open Water Sessions.  The first two steps need to be completed before your stay with us.  We partner with the talented team at Taveuni Ocean Sports for dive courses.  


The theory component of the PADI Open Water Dive course is an e-learning course that you can complete online before you arrive (https://www.padi.com/padi/elearning/default.aspx?irra=21948).  Once you’re done the e-learning online course then you would simply print out the completed e-Learning certificates and take them with you to your local dive centre, and they will be able to then move ahead with you and complete your 5 confined water (or pool) sessions.


You can do the PADI Confined Water Sessions with a PADI shop near you before you arrive (this will mean you only need to dedicate two half days to the completion of your course once you’re here).  At many places you may be able to complete the confined water sessions in one weekend. Once you complete these sessions they will give you an Open Water Training Record / Referral Form – which you would then bring with you to  Fiji, along with your PADI e-Learning completion certificates, and all you would need to do then is complete your 4 PADI Open Water Dives  here to get certified.


The four open water dives are completed here over two half days (approx 8am - 12.30pm).  

The cost for the PADI Open Water Referral is USD$427 per person including tax and all gear.  

To make a booking all we need is your height, weight and shoe sizes, as well as your preferred dates.  

The cost of the theory and confined water sessions are not included in our fees and need to be paid and completed prior to arrival and guests must send or bring their PADI Open Water Training Record and Referral Form to Fiji with them (or scan it to us in advance).

Diving has a 24-hour cancellation policy (8am the day prior).  


All prices include Fiji Government taxes of 25%.  Prices subject to change.