Fiji's Best Snorkeling experiences are discovered at The Remote Resort, Fiji Islands. The Remote Resort offers snorkeling on the world-famous Rainbow Reef, as well as snorkeling with Manta Rays, Black Magic Snorkel, Kioa Snorkel and even snorkeling right off the shore from the resort on the house reef, offered both night and day.

Rainbow Reef, Fiji Islands Snorkeling

The jewel of Fiji snorkeling. Fiji's Rainbow Reef offers over 25 diving and snorkel sites for your underwater exploration.  Bright colors are found both in the coral and the fish and each snorkel site has something unique to offer.


Manta Ray Snorkeling, between Kioa and Rabi Islands, Fiji

Many people come to this part of the world just to snorkel with the giant manta rays that call the channel between Kioa and Rabi Islands in Fiji home between May and October each year.  These large, majestic creatures are an incredible sight and swimming with them as they feed on plankton is an amazing experience.


Black Magic and Kioa Island, Fiji Snorkeling

Just 10 minutes from The Remote Resort, Fiji Islands is Black Magic, a snorkel site stretching around the base of Kioa Island from Little cove beach to the Pearl Farm beach.  This snorkel site offers a rare glimpse of the black soft coral. One section of the Black Magic is a beautiful wall drop that unveils the diverse beauty of Fiji snorkeling and is home to a bounty of blue starfish.

Rainbow Reef Fiji Starfish Snorkel.JPG

Nukuni and House Reef Snorkeling

Right off the jetty at the resort you can snorkel the house reef, a 500+ metre shelf of hard corals and fish of varying sizes. The Remote Resort also offers a night snorkel, giving you the opportunity to experience a night-time view of the underwater world when squid, prawns and lobsters are easily spotted.  The Remote Resort also offers short boat snorkels to the surrounding reefs just beyond the house reef, including Christmas, Palette and Kioa Reef.

Rainbow Reef Snorkel.JPG